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ourlordnmaster's Journal

From TMR to LV
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This is a community for posting your fics and art work related to
The Dark Lord Voldemort.
Your work may focus on any part of The Lord's life.

:Pre-Hogwarts Tom, inducing fear in the hearts of his fellow orphans:
:The handsome, cunning, young Slytherin, gaining power under the mask of model student:
:The alluring, up and coming Dark Lord, gathering followers and making a name for himself, which will soon strike horror in the hearts of wizardkind:
:The most feared wizard, leaving his mark on the world and pieces of his soul hidden about:
:A lost spirit, searching for the key to regain his stolen power:
:Born again master of evil!:


Like the Lord himself, we want it all... seduction, power, action and adventure, pain, agony, smut, and yes, love. If it's about 'You-Know-Who', post it here!


*Remember your manners. We hex first, ask questions later.*
*All art/fic must be behind an lj-cut and have the rating listed in the subject line*

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All characters belong to JK Rowling. No profit is being made.